Wes Melcher

Wes Melcher has been an entrepreneur from early childhood, starting three businesses before even graduating high school, and over a half a dozen since then. Wes has consulted for both start-up, and established companies in the United States, Australia and New Zealand.

Wes has trained and coached in excess of one million people across the world over the last 19 years, and his passion for travel led him to the travel industry 12 years ago where he has consulted, trained and helped develop sales strategies and marketing programs for several companies.

Wes helped start one of the fastest growing companies in the Network Marketing Industry in 2005, and that company is now in the DSN Global Top 100 Companies. He has been one of the company’s Top Income Earners for ten years out of over one million representatives.

His current team is in excess of 195,000 people in 20 different Countries. Wes is a sought after speaker and trainer in Direct Sales, Network Marketing, and Business.

His first book “NetEASY Marketing” was released in 2012, and hit Number One on the Amazon Best Seller List in Network Marketing.  Wes currently lives in Dallas, Texas with his daughter Jianna.

At only 38-years-old, Wes has spoken to crowds in excess of 20,000 people, trained over 1 million people all over the world, and won numerous awards for sales, team building and business development.

Through his speaking, Wes is currently impacting people from all walks of life and has worked with many leading authorities in the sales and speaking industry.

To continue pursuing his passion of helping others to achieve their goals, Wes has developed sales training and instructional information that is ONLY available for live events.


Dean Lindsay

With over seventeen years of experience helping build Engaged, PROGRESS-Based Sales, Leadership and Customer Service Cultures, Dean Lindsay has been hailed as a ‘Outstanding Thought Leader on Building Priceless Business Relationships’ by Sales and Marketing Executives International as well as a ‘Sales-and-Networking Guru’ by the Dallas Business Journal. Mr. Lindsay’s stellar client list includes: American Airlines, Haggar Clothing, Marriott, New York Life, Gold’s Gym and the United Stated Trademark and Patent Office.

Dean’s books, Big PHAT Goals, Cracking the Networking CODE & The PROGRESS Challenge, have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and been translated intoChinese, Hindi, Polish, Korean, Spanish and Greek. Dean has had the privilege of sharing his sales leadership and customer service insights in numerous countries including: Sweden, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Ecuador, Venezuela, and the islands of Aruba and Jamaica.


Eddie Martin

Eddie Martin is a born salesman, although it wasn’t always so obvious to him. His life became challenging at nineteen years old when his first child was born. With no college education or real world job experience, and a child to support, Eddie bounced around from job to job, trying to find his stride. Fortunately, due to his exceptional communication skills, winning attitude and laser focus, he was able to secure a few management positions.

Looking for a new career path, he took a position in the compressed gas business.

Eddie remained loyal to that business for the next seven years before departing after the company was bought out. Moving on to another gas company, he broke through in the first twelve months, smashing sales records that had been held for over fifteen years.

When the new management team met with Eddie, rather than let him go, they were impressed. With their sales numbers dropping, Eddie was assigned a top territory. Once again, with no sales training, Eddie excelled and stayed on board for five years, establishing himself as one of the top ten sales producers in the nation.

He decided to take his talents to the insurance industry, taking a role as a sales manager. After spending a couple of months in the field, he transitioned into his management position.

Through the ups and downs, job changes, personal challenges and corporate shell games, the main thing that he took away was the value of training in order to produce measurable results.

While building a personal brand via social media he ran across LightSpeed VT. After speaking about the company and the core focus on the value of training, he decided to team up with LightSpeed VT. Eddie now spends his days educating people on the value of training. He has a history of showing serious subject matter experts how to scale their businesses from four figures all the way up to 8 figures monthly in some cases, by monetizing their content using LightSpeeds web-based interactive training platform. He also helps traditional businesses train and onboard their staff more effectively by using the LightSpeedVT system.


Bill Wallace

The founder and long-time leader of Success North Dallas, Bill Wallace has often said his greatest skill is putting together the right people for the right reasons at the right time. Emanating from a rolodex that would put the U.S. government to shame, Bill’s generous “connection-making” has benefited countless individuals who have turned to him for trusted referrals, strategic business support, personal coaching, and educational mentorship.

Bill’s professional career flourished along with his development of 28-year-old Success North Dallas, first as owner of Wallace Financial Group – a provider of business continuation planning, insurance and financial strategies – and, later, as Chairman and CEO of The Wallace Companies, a consulting firm specializing in capital development and executive management strategies.

As a member of the Board of Governors of Northwood University and a strategic partner and board member of the University of North Texas Professional Leadership program, Bill continues to help aspiring college students forge successful careers in business and the community. Earlier this year Northwood University honored him with an Honorary Decorate of Laws (Honoris Causa) for his work in education, mentorship and business excellence.

Wallace is a charter member and past president of the Addison Rotary Club, an active member of the National Speaker’s Association, C-Suite Network Advisors, a past member of the Million Dollar Roundtable and the Author of the soon to be released book “Living Beyond Success” ™. He has also served on the Board of Ronald McDonald House Charities and the Advisory Boards of Alcuin Montessori School, Bryan’s House, and Ronald McDonald House of Dallas. In recognition for his work in the community, The Art of Living Foundation and the International Association for Human Values honored Bill with the Heroes of Humanity Award in 2009.


Dr. David Henderson

Dr. David Livingstone Henderson is a board-certified psychiatrist, author and speaker. He obtained his medical degree from Wright State University’s Boonshoft School of Medicine in Ohio, and then went on to complete a residency in Psychiatry at the University of South Carolina.

He is the Director of Psychology and Counseling at Criswell College, as well as an Adjunct Professor of Psychology at Dallas Theological Seminary. He is a regular host of 90.9 KCBI’s For Christ and Culture radio program. He also serves on the Board of Directors for Our Calling, a homeless ministry selected by the Dallas Morning News as one of its signature charities.

Dr. Henderson has presented nationally and internationally at conferences for the American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Psychiatry and the Law, The Christian Association for Psychological Studies, and the Christian Medical and Dental Association.

His first book, Finding Purpose Beyond Our Pain, coauthored with Dr. Paul Meier, focuses on the seven universal struggles each of us will face in life. His second work, a book for parents of struggling adolescents, is slated to be released by Thomas Nelson Inc. later this year.


Tim Gillette

Tim Gillette is the Creator of the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Keys to Business Success – Using Music, Motorcycles and Mentorship to teach Entrepreneurs to become Leaders in their industry.” And “Rock Around Your Blog” – How to stand out online and become your own brand.

Tim started in the speaking business after a personal conversation with friend and mentor Zig Ziglar. It was the inspiration of Zig to find a way to take the long hair look, and love for rock music to bring a message of creating your own world by starting a business.

As an award winning blogger, and amazon #1 best selling author he has used both his love for Rock n Roll music, as well as love for traveling thousands of miles across the USA on his Harley Davidson Motorcycle. Sharing the message of freedom, a dream, and a discipline to follow a business system is what it takes to succeed.

Tim lives in Dallas TX With his Wife Gwynne, and cat Zefu. They have 3 adult children who they love to share great experiences with. Tim and Gwynne are also partners in Dallas Area  Investment Company, X2 Investments LLC.


Jake Woodard

Jake Woodard is an Inspirational Speaker, Transformational Mentor, Author and Philanthropist.

He speaks in the areas of changing your relationship with your fears, leadership and overcoming challenges.

Jake works with people to clear their mental barriers and gain the clarity needed to create a personal vision of success. By retraining their thought patterns, developing healthy habits and bringing awareness to weak areas, they are guided to heal the root pain that is blocking their potential for growth and fulfillment. Through this process extinguishing fear, he helps people become aligned with their true purpose and succeed in all areas of their lives.

Jake’s unique and energetic voice is a powerful force in the personal development field. He has spent thousands of hours in the study of personal development and psychology. He has studied under some of the top people in the industry such as Tony Robbins, Bob Proctor, Jim Rohn, Eckhart Tolle, Abraham Hicks and many more.

He is the founder of Family Time Incorporation, which is a non-profit organization that provides meals to families on Thanksgiving and gives toys to unprivileged children on Christmas.

He is also an inspiring health and fitness professional, to which he brings his own story of overcoming weight and physical health challenges earlier in life.

He is the Author of the upcoming release, “The Power of Your Vision” which teaches people how to live life on their terms.

His own struggles and difficulties have made him abundantly passionate about vision and leadership, and above all, Jake’s greatest passion is alleviating suffering from our world—on all planes of existence. As he continues to live out his passion and purpose, his aim is to continue to find ways to give back even more.


“Great guest speakers monthly with fun and exciting topics that are relative to both family and business~Keep up the great work!”