Obtain Invaluable Leadership Skills

Our vision is it to Engage, Educate and Empower you through the help of an exclusive community of world leaders and business professionals. The Power of E3 is designed to help you obtain invaluable leadership skills, from renowned authors, expert world leaders and established entrepreneurs. This event allows a community of people to encourage, uplift, promote, and form a unified bond to help each other succeed in their business and personal lives. E3’s mission is to bring forth an exclusive community to share their wisdom and experiences of daily life to help provide hope and guidance in an interactive personal forum. E3’s elite group of professional business leaders and mentors will create long lasting relationships to help and encourage ultimate success.

Through sponsorship of The Power of E3 you will have exclusive membership of Dragonflymind. Dragonflymind works together with E3 to help expand with providing tools and resources to help you maintain a healthy work life balance. We are in business for ourselves but not by ourselves. Maintaining a healthy personal life will help you succeed in a professional life. Dragonflyminds mission is to connect with others through experiences, stories, shared wisdom and life lessons. Dragonflymind teachings will help you find the courage to face and move through life’s difficulties and create healthy lifestyle changes. Dragonflymind is here to Evolve Your Mind to Transform Your Life. It’s all about the journey of surrounding ourselves with people who can bring hope, and help us to reach our goals, dreams, and desires. With The Power of E3 and Dragonflymind experience you can spread your wings and fly into new opportunities with a strong community who will help you get there!


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You will

  • Network
  • Meet Speakers
  • Book Signing
  • Silent Auction
  • Meet Vendors
  • Interactive Audience
  • Meet Panelists
  • Experience Transformation


Evolve Your Mind, Transform Your Life

Dragonflymind is about connecting with others through experiences, stories, hardships, and life lessons that help bring comfort to others for personal growth and better ways of living. Dragonflymind promotes and encourages positive living by planting new seeds and weeding out the old programmed negative behaviors and thoughts that keep us stuck from experiencing new growth. By expressing our hearts and opening the mind, beautiful transformation evolves promoting love-unity-peace-understanding-wellness and prosperity. Dragonflymind is the story of Founder and Director, Kim Black, who felt compelled to share her experience with an elderly dragonfly. The simple interaction inspired a spiritual journey to finding her way back home.

Dragonflymind is about transforming your life by evolving the thoughts in your mind.

As a symbol, the dragonfly’s wings show infractions of hardship representative that we all face in our lives. Dragonflymind teachings will help bring a new perspective, helping others to find courage to face and move, effortlessly, flexibly and adaptively, through difficult and healthy changes. Join us as we dig into the secret place where joy radiates.

Dragonflymind & E3 is building a community of people who want to find success in their business & personal lives. This community is sharing from their hearts and connecting to others to find resources, support, and better ways of living in any area, any topic, or any life hardship.
Dragonflymind is currently under development. Were bringing in the experts to deliver you the resources to find quality world leaders, speakers, authors, business professionals, non-profit organizations, therapists, & support groups & more! These experts will be providing training & downloadable programs, webinars, workshops, Day learning events, retreat getaways, masterminds, events, & a radio show program.
Evolve Your Mind, Transform Your Life
Our stories matter – Our experiences matter – We matter!

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