Life and Business Growth Lessons

E3 supports The Boardroom for empowering people and helping them following their mission in life.

The Boardroom offers life and business growth lessons via a unique opportunity. All attendees will absorb a wealth of practical, useful information, and some will even have the chance to present their business idea to an exceptional panel of successful entrepreneurs, business owners, and investors for evaluation. 

During the Session, participants will learn what angel investors want to see in a business plan, and most importantly, you will receive valuable marketing, advertising, investment and sales strategy advice on many facets of business operations, from proven entrepreneurs and industry experts.

The Boardroom is for YOU if you: 

  • Wonder how to start your own company
  • Wonder how to make your under-performing company successful
  • Are looking for angel or venture capital investors
  • Are in sales and need to improve your communication strategies
  • Have a great idea and no idea what to do with it
  • Need fresh marketing and advertising strategies
  • Need to consult with experts in specific fields
  • Need resources for how to manufacture or distribute products
  • Need to develop your customer service and retention skills