Hope & Compassion for the Homeless

E3 supports Norma Cope‘s passion for providing hope & compassion for our homeless brothers & sisters in Dallas. Homeless men & women are always in great need of adequate shoes as walking is often their only mode of transportation. Many they encounter need boots for work. Foot infections are a HUGE problem for the homeless but a 100% solvable by providing clean socks and well-fitting shoes!

Norma Cope and her sister, Charity Jones, want to thank everyone for their help to bring awareness to their cause.  Below is a message from Norma:

My Soul (Sole) Sister and I, Charity Jones worked together with ministry on one of their many projects. While working in homeless encampments we noticed the dire need for shoes. Most of the people living in these encampments were either barefoot, wearing only socks or wearing their “holy” shoes. We saw the need and it brought us to where we are now. The story is pretty simple.. two sole sisters working together with our community to bring Hope.  Shoes for Hope… Shoes to Cope project. We now have several who have join in and we now have a tribe. As we continue to visit the encampments and share our hugs, smiles and hope we will continue to hold drives for various needs.

With the communities help our aim is to show the citizens of our community there is someone who loves you, all while giving hope and inspiration during a difficult time. We like to let them know that their situation doesn’t have to be permanent and hold on to Hope! It’s our way of holding down our little corner of the world as we try to make it a better place.