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Joel Boggess

Joel Boggess helps businesses and corporate leaders, get more from their teams.

His most popular keynotes and workshop sessions are:

  • Never Give Up: The 3-part plan for bottom-line results;
  • Triple your Sales: The unconventional strategy for unbelievable results;
  • Find your Voice: The 3 part path to clarity, confidence, and direction.
  • His latest book, Finding your Voice, hit the #1 spot on Amazon in the success and self esteem categories.

His podcast, ReLaunch:

  • Named by Podcasters’ Paradise – “Most Inspirational” two years in a row, 2014 & 2015;
  • Mentioned in Huffington Post as being 1 of the top 5 shows to tune into for inspiration;
  • Mentioned in Inc as one of the top 20 business podcasts of 2015.

His work has appeared in Networking Times, Huffington Post, and

Originally from San Antonio, Texas, Joel earned his undergraduate degree at Texas Tech University, an MBA from Amberton University, and a Master’s in Counseling.

Joel and his wife Pei live in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, and have a Golden Retriever and a Golden rescue, Bubba and Happy.


Dean Lindsay

With over seventeen years of experience helping build Engaged, PROGRESS-Based Sales, Leadership and Customer Service Cultures, Dean Lindsay has been hailed as a ‘Outstanding Thought Leader on Building Priceless Business Relationships’ by Sales and Marketing Executives International as well as a ‘Sales-and-Networking Guru’ by the Dallas Business Journal. Mr. Lindsay’s stellar client list includes: American Airlines, Haggar Clothing, Marriott, New York Life, Gold’s Gym and the United Stated Trademark and Patent Office.

Dean’s books, Big PHAT Goals, Cracking the Networking CODE & The PROGRESS Challenge, have sold over 100,000 copies worldwide and been translated intoChinese, Hindi, Polish, Korean, Spanish and Greek. Dean has had the privilege of sharing his sales leadership and customer service insights in numerous countries including: Sweden, Poland, Spain, Turkey, Ecuador, Venezuela, and the islands of Aruba and Jamaica.


Linda Broom

Linda has over 15 years experience in the hotel business and has led organizations like Junior League, Toastmasters, PTA’s and was an Executive Director in a Direct Sales organization.   She was a National Trainer and mentored hundreds of women all over the country to be successful in their own businesses.

She has been mentored and coached by John C Maxwell certified trainers, Strength finders Coaches  and Zig Ziglar trained leaders/life coaches. Trained with Carol Ladd with her engaged positive parenting initiative. Enjoys helping others to learn to network and succeed at whatever they may be passionate about. She has two recently college graduated kids, both working in their respective fields, is married to her husband of 27 years and she enjoys traveling around the world experiencing other cultures, golf  and spending time on the lake or at the ocean with friends.


Michael Carrigan

A Master of Emotional Intelligence with over 35 years of Business Coaching and Consulting experience. Michael Carrigan has developed a revolutionary method for having people get out of their own way!

Since it’s true, that there is only one person that ever gets in your way … and that is you.  Your ability to get beyond your limitations, or put differently … Your ability to “get out of your own way” is life changing!

Difficult to explain, some say that Michael Carrigan’s approach allows the brain to re-hardwire itself.  Replacing old fears with remembered confidence.  The results of his work are noticeable through his clients’ sense of freedom, new found ambition and peace of mind.  The velocity at which results occur accelerates. It may have taken years or decades for your life or business to get off track, but as Michael Carrigan always says, “Would it be Ok … if that condition disappeared today?”  Once you decide, it will occur.

Michael Carrigan is the author of “The Cure for What Stops You”, He owns  Don’t Hit Send is an email training program based on the science of NLP.  He has ownership in several business and is a practicing CFO.


Lauren Midgley

Lauren Midgley, a business strategist, bestselling author and powerhouse professional speaker, started her company Courage to Succeed Consulting in 2010, after a 25 year career with two Fortune 500 companies – ADP and Deluxe Checks.  She is a long-time observer and “study-er” of why some people are successful and others are not.   Productivity plays a huge part.

She works with high achieving individuals to accomplish what matters most to them in their personal and professional life. She has a MBA from Golden Gate University in San Francisco, a Marketing degree from Arizona State University in Tempe, Arizona and is a Certified Franchise Executive through the International Franchise Association.   Lauren is a long time Toastmaster and a professional member of the North Texas chapter of the National Speaker Association. She focuses on the topic of productivity and how it impacts lives. She has written three books and has spoken to groups nationally on the topic of Productivity. Her recently released her third book became an Amazon best seller: It’s 6 a.m and I’m Already Behind – Strategies to Get Caught Up.

Lauren lives in the Dallas Fort Worth area, a single mom to two young adults and is underway with her fourth book on Profitability for the small business owner.


Julie Ziglar

Julie Ziglar Norman shared the Get Motivated platform with her legendary father, motivational icon Zig Ziglar, for several years before becoming the dynamic, disarming and refreshingly transparent inspirational speaker and author she is today. Her unique experience of being raised by the motivators’ motivator has given her a perspective on life and work that keeps her audiences laughing, crying and taking notes.

As her famous father once did, Julie has shared the platform with greats like General Colin Powell, Rudy Giuliani, President George W. Bush, Laura Bush, Dr. Robert Schuller, Joe Montana, Lou Holtz, Steve Forbes, Sarah Palin, Goldie Hawn, Bill Cosby and many others. Julie’s client list includes Fortune 500 Companies, Non-profits, Network Marketing Firms, Christian Women’s Ministries, Pregnancy Resource Centers, Investment Real Estate Conferences, Christian and Secular Foundations and Associations, as well as Hospice Care Organizations.

Her background in sales, business management, and the service industry allows Julie to share principles, tools and concepts that foundationally change and improve the bottom line potential of entrepreneurs and corporations, alike. Her latest book, Growing Up Ziglar: A Daughter’s Broken Journey from Heartache to Hope, is available at Ziglar Inc, and

Julie lives in the sleepy little town of Alvord, Texas. She has three daughters and a son, thirteen amazing grandchildren, four precious great-grandchildren, two rescued cats, two rescued dogs and one on purpose horse.