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October 17th, 2017 at Brookhaven Country Club

6:30 to 9:30 pm


Do you feel like fear is stopping you from moving forward? Do you struggle with anxiety? Would you like to gain more confidence? In this event you will learn how to evolve and transform your mind to find better ways of living in your personal and business lives.

Jake Woodard and Kim Black are teaming up to teach you strategies to begin your journey to greatness. We all want more out of life and desire simplicity in finding happiness, abundance and success. Wherever you are at in your journey you will take away valuable and useful wisdom to apply directly to your life. You will leave a different person where you will be able to elevate your life where the unthinkable becomes attainable which provides effect results.

In this 3 hour workshop you will gain valuable insight on how to:




Tickets are $97.00 (Limited Amount Only)

Ticket Price Includes:

  • Full Meal Provided By Brookhaven Country Club with Ballroom Seating
Dragonflymind is about connecting with others through experiences, stories, hardships and life lessons that help bring comfort to others for personal growth and better ways of living. By expressing our hearts and opening the mind, beautiful transformation evolves organically.
Dragonflymind promotes and encourages positive living by planting new seeds and weeding out the old programmed negative behaviors and thoughts that keep us stuck from experiencing new growth.
Join us Tuesday, Oct 17th to learn:
New perspectives which help us find the courage to face and move through difficult and healthy changes in a flexible and adaptive manner. We will teach you how to soar the mountain tops by learning how to spread your wings which allows you to fly effortlessly.
Dragonflymind promotes:
 love – unity – peace – understanding – wellness and prosperity
Join us as we dig into the secret place where joy radiates